Step into the world of urban artist K-Guy, whose sharp analysis and thought-provoking pieces are making waves in the art scene. His work is a powerful commentary on the world around us, and we're proud to offer limited editions of some of his most iconic pieces at our gallery. Discover the Silver and Gold editions of Lina Evangelista, Cruel Britannia, and Police Paint Bomb, each a stunning representation of K-Guy's unique vision.

K-Guy is known for using any available space as his canvas, and his work has been featured on a range of platforms. His bold approach and willingness to tackle controversial subjects have garnered attention from art enthusiasts and media outlets alike. If you're looking to add a statement piece to your collection, don't miss the chance to own one of K-Guy's remarkable creations. Visit our gallery to experience the power of urban art at its finest.

Linda Evangelista - Silver Edition by K-Guy

Hand Signed / Stamped

Paint Bomb Policia by K-Guy

Hand Signed by K-Guy

Cruel Britannia - Holographic by K-Guy

Signed and Stamped

Campbell’s Condensed by K-Guy

Limited Edition with Blind Stamp

Wing and a Prayer (Coke Edition) by K-Guy

Signed, Stamped and Numbered