Shepard Fairey

BHP Collectibles is proud to offer artwork by Shepard Fairey, an artist considered one of the most influential street artists of our time. As a graphic artist, muralist, and overall artist from the United States, Fairey has made a name for himself with his constantly shifting style, encompassing fine, commercial, street, and even political art.

Fairey's work can be found in urban centres worldwide, including nearly every major U.S. city, Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, and Barcelona. He aims to inspire disorientation, confusion, and thoughtfulness in passersby with the unconventional and often illegal placement of his artwork on buildings, billboards, and street signs.

Here at BHP Collectibles, we're thrilled to offer a selection of Shepard Fairey's artwork so that you can bring his unique vision into your home or office. Browse our collection today and discover the stunning artwork of this iconic artist.