Local Artists

At BHP Collectibles, we are proud to support local artists in Birmingham by providing a dedicated section within our gallery. Led by our resident artist Maddie, our collection features a range of exquisite oil paintings, striking lino prints, and stunning pointillism pieces, among other forms of fine art. We are constantly updating our collection, so be sure to check back often for the latest additions.

We are committed to fostering a vibrant arts community in Birmingham and welcome inquiries from local artists who would like to showcase their work in our gallery. If you are interested in joining us on this journey, please reach out to Maddie at ml@bhpcollectibles.com to schedule a meeting and share your portfolio with us. We look forward to hearing from you!


Sue Verity

"When painting someone, I become completely immersed in their story and personality. I often feel like I already know them before we even meet! And when we do finally come face to face, it's like catching up with an old friend. There's something special about painting portraits that allows me to form genuine connections with people, and I love getting to know someone on a deeper level."


Madeline Joy

Madeline Joy is BHP Collectibles resident artist!

She does all the write-ups about each artwork, sources, and interviews and uploads brand-new Birmingham-based artists to our website. All the while creating her artwork on the side.


Rachel Akers

BHP Collectibles is now working alongside an amazing wire sculpture artist - Rachel Akers. Her talent with wire sculpture and what she can turn it into is outstanding.

She always says that she can make anything and loves the challenges her clients give her. All she needs is an idea and then she can flourish. She can make rugby players, motorbikes, or even a life-size football player. All she needs is the idea and she will curate and sculpt a piece from there.

"Everything I make is one-of-a-kind. It's all hand-made and unique to the client. Whatever they ask for is going to be completely original, no one's going to have anything the same.

For example, with a tree, every branch is placed and twisted differently so it never looks the same as another, it cannot be recreated.

I once made a cello player based on a lady that plays the cello as a 30th birthday present. I got sent pictures of her playing and sculpted her and her cello wearing the clothes she was in, I copied her hairstyle, so it is unique to that person."

"I've always been an artist that wants to do their own thing and create their own stuff but at university, I was lucky enough to do 6 months in America and that's when I started doing some jewellery design work and I also did my first wire sculptures. "



True to his brand, Bluebeards' beard is blue.

He rocks his blue beard, tattoos, and piercings, incorporating them into the brand he's built - Bluebeard Art. When starting, he pondered just how many people would take him seriously within the art industry.
A friend gave him some solid advice when they told him; "Don't hide. Be yourself. Be your brand." This gem of a friend set him on a path of feeling confident in owning his brand and a chance to rock Bluebeard Art.


Tatyana Gul

In my work, I share the playfulness of colour.

When I experiment on the canvas, it gives me the ability to release a hurricane of emotions, secret thoughts, and a wish to see the beauty in the world. My paintings are imaginative play. Inscrutability and suggestions within the pictures make them analytical, similar to musical phrases and poetic lines. They allow viewers not only to see but also to feel the rhythm and melody of colour.


Hannah Parkes

Hi! I'm Hannah, based in Birmingham, a multidisciplinary visual artist specialising mainly in screen printing and painting.

I completed my degree in Fine Art back in 2016 from Coventry University, and it was there where my love for screen printing first began.


Lottie May

"Working with lino means I don't have to draw like Da Vinci to create a quality image.

I draw the shape, and design as I go and define the lines as I carve. I love it because it ends up an entirely different image to the sketch I start with."