Dark City by Kevin Day


16 1/2 x 20 Inches

Oil on canvas

Signed by Kevin Day

Limited Edition Print - 1 / 100


We offer a bespoke framing service if required.

Kevin said "The basis of the New York / Tokyo City Collection came from lockdown. When we were all locked up and couldn't go out. I couldn't go out painting, and I couldn't use a reference from other places.

I started watching videos on YouTube. In these videos people who were doing walking tours of cities. Hours went by and I couldn't stop watching them. In them the guy was walking around Tokyo and New York, but because of lockdown the streets were all empty. "

He said that "There was something really powerful about the empty streets and I felt inspired and influenced to do a selection of paintings. There was something quite muggy, and scary, yet gorgeous about it all. There was only ever one or two figures in it. It was more evocative, I think, than a landscape. A city with only one person in it, there's something a lot more powerful about it! About one person being in a massive place where there's meant to be loads of people. I was just drawn to that and trying to communicate that with people. I added a few figures in. In a couple of pieces, they were me! As I didn't have a model, I was the only person I could use."

While I had the chance to talk to Kevin, I wanted to know why he chose the colour pallet that he did, the vibrant blues, and pops of powerful reds, over a muggy city, really adds a depth to the painting, both literally and analytically.

When I asked him about his colour palette he said "I think it's probably because subliminally I've picked that up from sci-fi films, they have that sort of palette. Like Rémy Boudet, the director of Micro Man, a lot of his films are like that. And 'Collateral' with Tom cruise, that's a great film for these shots. A lot of scenes in that are blue streets with flashes of colour. It just creates a total mood. I also just liked that neon unnatural blue that you get in cities."

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